Adblabla offers Free Online Adverts for Bloggers

Adblabla advertisement network is an adnetwork that promote blogs and websites in Nigeria free. They use users existing website traffic to generate free advertisement. They are the only adnetwork in Africa where people can exchange banner ads for display on websites and blogs for every members to get free advertisement

AdblablaThe advantages of using Adblabla advertisement network is to have enough credits to support what you need to advertise. You can such as use your garnered credits to advertise your Affiliate networks freely on their platform using your credits. Join Now

How to Join Adblabla Advertisement Network

Joining the Adblabla network is very simple. Just click the Join Network and signup free. If you are a blogger and own a website or you have a means of displaying banner adverts then you are eligible to be on the adblabla network. It is just a simple case of trade by barter. You give them one site and they will give you all the sites on their network for free.

How to get Credit to run your Advert on Adblabla

If you refer anybody to join the the network, and the your referral able to complete the 3 steps verification below successfully, you will get your reward.

Adding a new site: The person you refer must add a new site to the network successfully

Displaying Adblabla Adverts: The new site must then be configured to display ads from the network

Maintaining the Adverts: The Ad must stay live on the referral site for at least one(1) month.

You can also take part in the their Affiliate Program to enables you start your own online advertising business. You only get credit for a sale if, the advertiser makes a purchase within 14 days after first clicking on your affiliate link or banner

If you are having any issues or problems setting up the widget on your website, you can contact the Adblabla support team or download the free tutorial

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