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Adult VR co-blogger, articles, experiences, reviews – fun + real – Virtual Reality Press

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Adult VR co-blogger, articles, experiences, reviews – fun + real

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I’m looking to hire some folks for small writing projects on vr porn. ‘gigs’ i suppose.

I own a vrp commentary blog in it’s early stages and am looking to boost content, keeping things fun real, the good and no so good… fascinated by this industry and I know you are too.

if you’ve got some opinions, experiences, or knowledge that would be helpful to share, or just want to write a review, i’d love to pay you to post it.

Here’s what I’m looking for:
Varried VRP specific subjects but targeted, for example:
vr porn site reviews – for example “my thoughts on” quality, selection, ease of use, fun, worth paying
the industry in general – these are obviously big works but general commentary is great: interactive toy reviews,
personal experiences,
how to use / navigate the vrp world: guide to view a certain site with Samsung Gear VR etc… tech articles,
How it has enhanced or changed or hurt relationships (honest accounts)….

How to apply

email us samples if you have any, what you are proposing to write + rates. you must be 18 or older. Happy to pay more for unique, longer and more indepth or fun articles.

Please be serious, not looking to waste my time, or yours, compensation is fair. prefer (not crucial though) to work with someone that actually does writing on other gigs, so if you have a profile on a forum or anywhere where you sell writing services that would be a big bonus. can pay by paypal.

Posted on: 05/02

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