Curing Asthma with Natural Home Remedies

Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system, sometimes caused by allergies, with symptoms including coughing, sudden difficulty in breathing, and a tight feeling in the chest. It is a chronic but treatable condition that can have a serious impact on your quality of life.. The condition can be managed much like someone managing diabetes or heart disease.

Listed below are some of natural remedies and herbal remedy for asthma that may be helpful in treating and controlling the ailment

asthma Many thousands of dollars has been spent on traditional medical specialists, prescription drugs, alternative and allergy treatments, books, vitamins, herbal and nutritional supplements. There are a lot of people claiming to have the ailment or allergy remedy or cure and we have pretty much tried them all. None of them really worked well. Some were a complete waste of money.


Someone suffering from asthma and would like to reduce the chances of having the attack should always drink between 10-12 ounce glasses of water a day. Our body needs a lot of water if you don’t get enough of it, it can cause your body to use more of its own water to do normal functions. That can take away from your lung functions, which can lead to lungs over working and causing an asthma attack.

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is a great home remedy. Taking one teaspoon of turmeric powder and mixing it in with 6 ounces of hot water three times a day on a daily basis can easily reduce attack of asthma.


To reduce the chances of asthma attacks, one should try to mix one teaspoon of honey with a twelve ounce glass of water and drink it. This should be done three times daily to reduce the chances of having an attack. If you do have an attack and can’t get to your inhaler, find a jar of honey and put it under your nose, and you should be able to start breathing normal again within three minutes.

Ginger cure for asthma

Ginger cure for asthma

Garlic Juice

To ward off the symptoms of asthma one should drink a glass of warm water mixed with around 10 to 15 drops of garlic juice.


Acupuncture can be used in relieving asthma symptoms. In one study, 17 persons with a long history of asthma were treated with acupuncture. At the end of 10 weeks of therapy, over 70% of the participants reported a marked improvement in their asthma symptoms which continued after treatment for six months.  It also raised concentrations of important immune cells..

Herbal Remedies

Malabar Nut is the most popular herb being used for treating asthma which works as a bronchodilator. It increases airflow in the lungs and is also a mild expectorant to get rid of excess mucus and phlegm.

Anise seed tea is another herbal remedy for asthma. This tea is an antihistamine that reduces inflammation and helps to open air passages and relieve wheezing.

Asclepias Tuberosa is another less well-known herb which is also known as a vasodilator, it relaxes the muscles surrounding the bronchial passage and is very soothing.

Stretch and Shower

When one is  experiencing an attack, the person should try to raise its arms over head.  This will open up the lungs, and always seek out to breathe the cleanest air possible.

Patient suffering from this ailment should try to avoid smoking because smoking would only make the asthma much worse. Taking a hot shower will help to break up the mucus in the lungs and opening up the bronchial tubes.

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