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Freelance Writers – Book Site

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We are looking for book-loving writers to write for

We are a rapidly growing site. You won’t get rich writing for us, but it’s a fun gig and we expect to continue our rapid growth. It’s a good opportunity for people who love books to build a portfolio of great articles and to get in on the ground floor of a really fun project.


Please don’t apply if you don’t meet all of these requirements:

1. Must know how to do basic posts in WordPress
2. Flawless grammar and spelling
3. Must know how to do basic image re-sizing
4. You MUST be passionate about books and reading

We use Copyscape to check every work submitted. We are not interested in reprints of previously published work.


Our pay structure is based on a revenue share model that is common in the niche blogging industry.

Writers receive $1.50 for every 1,000 page views, as reported by Google Analytics and site stats.

Story submissions will require approval by the editorial team.

We hire freelance writers as 1099 contractors. You write on your own time and pick your own subjects. You file and report your own earnings and pay your own taxes.

How much money you make will depend on:

* How often you write.
* How carefully you select story ideas, featured images, and headlines.
* How well you promote your articles.

We promote for you on our AmReading Facebook page (14K fans and growing), our Best Stuff Online Facebook page (40K fans), as well as our parent political Facebook page of 350,000 fans, but any promotion beyond that is your responsibility. We do provide tips and recommendation. If you have access to a big Facebook page or Twitter account, you can quickly grow your views and your own personal fan-base.

How to apply

To apply, please review our site and email us a brief writing sample or a link to a previously published work that you think is similar in style to ours. It can be something you’ve already written or a link to your web-published work. It doesn’t have to be political. We just need to know you are a good writer.

Send to this email address:

nizza (at) liberalamerica (dot) org

In that email address, replace “at” and “dot” with the @ and a period.

Please paste the writing sample into the body of the email or send a link. No attachments or resumes, we will not open them. In your email, please tell us that you meet the four requirements listed above. We will only respond to people who have read this entire job posting and fully understand what we’re looking for for this unique site.

Email: nizza (at) liberalamerica (dot) org

Posted on: 04/27

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