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Get Your Free Akismet WordPress Plugin API Key

Akismet WordPress plugin is one of the world leading antispam plugin for WordPress users to protect you from the hassle of needing to filter from real comments and spam comments when you are about to moderate your comments for publication.

Having thousands of comments mixed up with your real and genuine comments can actually give you headache or make it very annoying for you because most of the comments spam are very irrelevant to your blog post.

Akismet WordPress PluginIt is a hectic job for an author to be reading about 300-500 comments per day and even sorting out the comments spam from the real spam, but Akismet WordPress Plugin has made the job easier now by helping to filter the comments spam from original comments.

When I first visited the Akismet WordPress Plugin, the plugin is not free and that prompt me into doing some researches on the internet for a free Key for the Akismet Plugin Key and I found out this trick on this site.

Step by step trick to get the Akismet WordPress Plugin Key for your Site

1. Visit Akismet Website
2. Click on the Sign for Akismet button
3. Choose a Personal Plan
4. Fill your details in the form on that site and on the right side of that page that say $0-$120/yr, you can just move the slider to $0/yr
5. Your APl Key will be sent to your inbox.
6. Copy the APl Key from your inbox and paste the key into part for the Akismet APl key in your WordPress admin page
7. Your WordPress Blog can now say goodbye to spam because your WordPress Blog is now FREE from SPAM.

But please, when you are now making money form your blog you can then consider paying to Akismet Plugin to support their work and innovation.

You are free to comment and let me know what other tips you want. Thanks for visiting

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