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Interview Questions & Answers To Expect In An NGO Job

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Just like any other Kenyan Job Seeker, you have been yearning to work for an NGO for the longest time ever. You recently saw that job advert in an international organization and decided to make an application. You have now been called for an interview but you are unsure of which questions to expect or how to answer.

In any interview, one is normally asked questions that are related to the job applied for. This means that you have to be knowledgeable about the job, the industry it falls under, current issues in that area as well as the responsibilities that come with the role.
The following tips will provide you with what to expect in an NGO Job interview and how well you can respond to them.

Interview Questions To Expect In An NGO Job

1. Tell Us About Yourself
This is one of the most common interview questions present in any job. So what’s the big deal in tell me about yourself?
The interviewer is going to ask you this question just to get a sense of your own personal vision and how strongly you can tie your personal values to those of the organization. A mistake most job seekers make is starting to highlight their personal achievements which are not related to the job.

In giving out a response, summarize how your skills and experience fit well for the job. If you have had previous NGO experience the better. This is because majority of nongovernmental organizations want to hire people who are experienced in the sector. Just make sure that in your answer you find ways to connect your skills to where you want to go next!

A good example is this one
“I’m an innovative Finance Associate with 3 years of working experience. I have spent the last two years developing my skills as a Grants Officer for Help Africa International where I won several performance awards and been promoted twice. With my current skills and experience, I am now ready for a more challenging position.”

2. What Do You Know About Our Organization?
The meaning behind this question is that the interviewer wants to make sure you did your homework and understand what the organisation is all about. He also wants to know if you have a realistic expectation of what it would be like to work for such an organisation.

Prior research about the organization is very important because it will help you answer this question comfortably. Your answer will demonstrate your expertise and value to the company, so be careful what you say.

“According to my research, Saidia Kenya is a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. I believe my skills and experience are going to help the organization reach its full potential.”

3. What Are Your Achievements?
In any interview, the employer will be interested in knowing just how much you accomplished and how you can relate that to the new position.
However much your accomplishments may be, confine it to the position you are interviewing for. Don’t brag about how you were the sales person for the month when you are interviewing for an administration role.

Also refer to your previous work experience and how it coincides with the new role. The best way to go about it is to talk about something you did over and above the employer’s expectation. If you are able to structure your achievements in the best way possible, chances are that you will convince the interviewer to consider you.

Here is a good sample
“During my tenure as a Finance Associate, I helped develop financial controls methods that successfully scaled, as the company revenue grew from Kshs 3 million to Kshs 10 million of revenue per year.”

4. How Much Should We Pay You?
This is a tricky question that is always present in any job interview which has the potential of making or breaking your chances for the job. At this point, the interviewer wants to know whether he can afford you or even how you value yourself. Are you going to ask for a position you deserve or just accept any offer because you need the job so badly?

So what is the key to answering such a question? Quote a reasonable amount when answering this question. Avoid demanding very high amounts, contrary to what you were earning previously just because the company pays well. Also, some organizations go as far as quoting the salary range in their adverts. If this is the case, negotiate a good amount from the range given.

If the salary range stands at 80K to 100K, you would say:

“Based on my experience, skills and what I will bring on board, I am looking to earn between Kshs 80,000 to Kshs 100,000.”
In addition to the above questions, NGOs will only hire a person who is of unquestionable integrity and one who is committed to his or her work.

Also, specialization is an important aspect in any NGO position because they all have their own structures and way of operation. They have different departments so pointing out which one fits you well will be a plus in the interview.
You only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure you shine in the interview room!

Source: Career Point Kenya

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