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Makers Academy is Europe’s leading coding bootcamp. We believe technical education is broken and we want to change that. We help complete beginners to learn the basics of software development and find their first job as junior programmers in world-class companies. We also help companies to attract and select our developers.

Launched in February 2013, Makers Academy has graduated over 500 students who have gone on to join leading software companies including M&S, ThoughtWorks, Lyst, Sky, the Ministry of Justice, Deloitte Digital, Techstars, CompareTheMarket, Financial Times and many others. Our ambition is to help as many people as possible to start a new career in software development, whilst providing companies with an incredible talent pipeline.

Makers Academy is self-managed, so you’ll be expected to be your own manager, holding yourself accountable to the team. You’ll be trusted to set your own salary. You’ve got to be comfortable with radical transparency. If you’re fired up by these ideas, even better.


As we’re growing the number of students we train to become developers, we also need to grow the number of companies that so desperately need them.

For this reason, we need more people to help us grow our brand in the tech communities in London, Manchester, Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam.



People whose values align with ours. That means people who deeply care about changing people’s lives and solving real problems, rather than someone interested in selling. When we meet companies, we don’t try to flog them our service. We genuinely try and spend time understanding their problems and needs, and ask ourselves whether we can help them with our current solution.

For this reason, you won’t have sales target per se, nor be paid on commission. We don’t believe in this. We want people who care about solving this problem with a tight team of amazing people.


Success is measured by how many software development jobs (that fit our high standards) you can bring to our students. We’re selective on which companies we work with, as we want to be sure that they’re going to be a right fit for the kind of developers we train.

Success also involves measuring revenue and NPS scores for both hiring partners and students.


To use your network, your imagination, your creativity, your networking skills to continue help us build amazing relationships with great tech companies all over Europe, but in London to start with. This shouldn’t involve cold-calling as there are much smarter ways to interact with companies.


  • A pre-existing network with large tech companies
  • A network in Manchester, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Berlin
  • Knowledge of software development or coding


If you’re interested, please don’t send us a cover letter. Rather, approach us in a way that’s an example of how you’d work with us – how you’d get new clients. Do your research and come and find us.

More information about what we do can be found on our blog – have a read at


Transparent culture (all data, including financial, equity, board packs, etc) is open. We don’t hide problems, wetalk about them. We set our own salaries. We work hard but have flexible hours. We look after each other. We self-set our own salaries. We definitely don’t have managers. We some time eat cheese & wine, play games, sing or just chill in the hammock

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