Microsoft Office Tutor

Microsoft Office Tutor Wanted, Next Up Foundation CA

Next Up Foundation seeking Microsoft Office Tutor to join the company in mentoring kids and helping expand the sport of skateboarding to underserved communities through our program and providing much-needed…Read More
Health Nutritionist

Health Nutritionist Job at Mavas Lagos Nigeria

Mavas Nigeria Ltd is a business and consultancy organisation, It specialised on rebranding, packaging, Business Development and health management. We are into Different Diversity.We Recruit, Train people and into HMO.…Read More
blog niche

Ultimate Guide to Find the Right Niche for Your Blog

Let’s assume you’ve decided to to start a blog. What should you do next: choose a name, register a blog or pick the right design. Actually, neither. All these things…Read More
Career Boost

4 morning rituals that will positively impact your day

One thing that some of the most successful people in business, art and politics all have in common? They have a regular morning routine.

But here’s the thing: The decisions you make in the morning can either set you up for success and encourage you to make healthy choices for the rest of your waking hours or seriously sabotage your overall wellness. Read on to find out if you’re accidentally making things harder for yourself — and what you should be doing instead.

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Problem: Hitting the snooze button

Realizing that you can stay bundled under the covers for a few more minutes always feels like a gift — but whether you snooze one, two, or 10 times, you’re really messing with your body’s sleep cycle. Instead of helping you feel more rested and easing you into the day, those extra few minutes of sleep actually leave you feeling groggy and tired. Read more...

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