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Wanted: Freelancers to Beta Test New Writing Platform – nDash Marketing

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Wanted: Freelancers to Beta Test New Writing Platform

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nDash.co is preparing to launch a content community platform early this summer – and we’re looking to give early access to a few select beta testers.

Now you might be thinking, “Oh great, another content mill with lots of shady clients, low-paying assignments and boring work.” We get it. We’re all former freelancers ourselves. Here’s how we’re going to be different:

•Set Your Own Rates: There’s nothing worse than being asked to write articles for $5 until you’ve “proven yourself.” We want you to get your market rates from Day 1.
•No Anonymity: In our platform, you’ll know exactly which brands you’re working with (and they’ll know you) thanks to detailed profiles.
•Proactive Pitching: The best way to get new clients isn’t sending a resume and cover letter. It’s by sending prospects unique content ideas. We built an entire agency using this method and we want freelancers to leverage it for their own gain.
•No Unfair/Arbitrary Rating Systems: Forget about starting as a 2-star writer. You’ll be judged on the quality of your writing, background and ideas.
•Faster Payments: Once an assignment has been approved, payments will show up in less than 3 business days. No more chasing clients down for money.

IMPORTANT: The private beta is going to be limited to a handful of users, so be sure to enter your email address on our Beta Sign Up page (www.ndash.co) to be included.

Thanks in advance for your interest!

How to apply

Please sign up here: www.ndash.co/?utm_source=problogger&utm_medium=Job%20site&utm_campaign=Beta

Posted on: 04/29

Source: ProBlogger Job Board

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