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Visitor Tracker Plugin Free Download

WordPress visitor tracker plugin is a device that is designed for blogs, business websites, social networks and e-commerce web store to track real people visiting a website even if they return  to the same page twice or more.

visitor tracker pluginIf you are running a successful and profitable blog, is all about making people click. It does not matter whether you have put some advertisements or post titles out there. You need to make people click on those. It is a quite cyclical process you need to know where people click, and you have to place the important stuff there.

Advantages of WordPress Visitor Tracker Plugin

* The greatest advantage of website traffic counter is tracking of real people through their browsers and not server request.
* Tracks and control each link and pages on a website.
* Website traffic counter bookmark, tag and assign full contact info to each visitor by capturing their IP address.
* They trace all sources of a website traffic and many more

Download any of the listed WordPress Visitor Tracker Plugin below

Traffic flash counter: Nice and beautiful animated website visitor tracker plugin for your WordPress blog. Traffic flash counter widget is distinguished by a prefix to avoid conflicts in database Options table . Besides , it generates an XML file that passes users limits to its Flash program part .

GoStats for WordPress: Download the powerful WordPress Visitor Tracker Plugin and reporting engine with Optional Map Widget in your blog easy to install.

Hit Counter Max:  This is a simple WordPress Visitor Tracker plugin that embeds a rotating counter in your blog and shows the number of visits your website has. By default the web counter will be displayed in your footer, to change the location of the counter simply navigate to your widgets page and embed it anywhere you want in your blog.

Clicky by Yoast: Clicky is a comprehensive website tracking solution that can easily be implemented on your WordPress blog. Clicky has a dedicated section for tracking heatmaps and getting an in detail report in the end.

WordPress Hit Counter: WordPress Hit Counter is a simple website visitor tracker plugin that embeds a rotating odometer style hit counter on your blog showing how many visitors

Ptengine – Heatmap Analytics: Ptengine Heatmap Analytics visitor tracker plugin is a fully fledged solution to analyze your site traffic, click rates and other insights. Not only clicks, but scrolling rates and the attention spreading ratio can also be found using Ptengine, which is a good option for marketers.

ExtraWatch Free: ExtraWatch offers some neat more features such as the Anti-spam, which can help you get rid of many spam stuff, different types of graphs for detailed analysis and nightly email reports to have a general overview of the site or blog performance.

Free counters!

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