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WPtouch is the Best WordPress Mobile Plugin

WPtouch WordPress Mobile Plugin is a complete mobile solution for WordPress users to automatically turn their site into a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors to their site. The plugin administrative panel allow user to customize many aspects of the site appearance to deliver a fast user-friendly and stylish version of your site to the mobile visitors without needing to change a single bit of code. Check out this site on your mobile device now.

WordPress Mobile Plugin

The installation of this mobile plugin will not affect the view of the regular desktop theme compare to some other mobile plugins, but the visitors to your site will have the option of switching between the theme on the mobile WordPress site and the regular desktop theme. One advantage of this mobile plugin is the compatibility with all major popular mobile platform.

Features of WPtouch WordPress Mobile Plugin

* Elegant Visual Effects: Hardware-accelerated visual effects used carefully throughout add style and delightful enhancements
* Touch Enhancements: Touch-specific enhancements for a fast user interface; no configuration required
* 5 Times Faster than Responsive Themes: This plugin load up to 5 times faster than most desktop & responsive themes
* Crisp Retina Interface: The plugin is using only CSS3 & vector icons, WPtouch themes are lightweight & crisp on high-quality displays

Why you should go for this WordPress Mobile Plugin

* Responsive Images: Responsive themes only scale images via CSS; WPtouch can send the ideal image size for each device.
* Mobile Content: Show different content on a post or page to mobile visitors, and leave your desktop content the same.
* Infinity Cache: Finally–lightning fast mobile caching for WPtouch. Works on its own or along other caching solutions.

You can buy the Pro version to enjoy the extra features of 4 themes and 3 new extensions installed and updated right from new BraveNewCloud service, it is the best WPtouch.

How to activate the WPtouch WordPress Mobile Plugin for your site

* Upload the WordPress Mobile Plugin into your site installation or download from your WordPress plugin admin page
* Activate the plugin, and WPtouch is instantly working on your website is mobile
* Choose a theme, colors, logos, and other options to setup your mobile site the way you want.

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